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Rules of the Munster Football Association


Rules of the Football Association of Ireland


The rules pertaining to the Munster Cup competitions can be seen in the competitions section.

Appeals Procedure:

The following is a brief outline of the procedure to be followed when submitting an appeal to the MFA: (see MFA rule 22 for exact details)

· A letter indicating that you wish to appeal and outlining the reasons for the appeal must be sent by registered post to the secretary of the MFA. An exact copy of the letter must be sent at the same time by registered post to the secretary of the League who's decision is being appealed against. The initial appeal documents must include a copy of the decision being appealed against, the appeal fee in accordance with Rule 22(b), it must indicate the date upon which such decision was received by the appellant, and must confirm that notification of the submission of appeal has been sent in accordance with Rule 22(a). The registered postal receipts should be retained by the appellant and should be brought to the appeal hearing, as proof of the time and date of posting the appeal.
The letters must be posted within 4 days of receipt of the written notification of the League committee’s decision you are appealing against.

The letter to the secretary of the MFA must have enclosed a postal order or bank draft in the amount of €250 made payable to “The Munster Football Assocation”. Other forms of payment are not acceptable. This will be refunded if the appeal is successful.
The MFA may impose sanctions including fines up to €300 if an appeal is ruled frivilous or out of order.

NOTE:    No appeal may be lodged in respect of the following in accordance with FAI Rules:
a match caution

an automatic suspension   (except in the case of mistaken identity)

a mandatory suspension

A suspension remains in place even when an appeal has been lodged with the MFA. The suspension can only be lifted by a successful outcome of an appeal.

Regulation for teams organising a tournament:

Any club wishing to stage a tournament for what ever reason (i.e. charity, fund raising or other) must in the first instance get the permission of the MFA. The two page form PR-1 and PR-2 (available to download below) must be completed by the club. It must then be signed by their League's Hon. Secretary before being forwarded along with the appropriate fee to the Hon. Secretary of the Munster Football Association.

Download form for requesting permission to stage a tournament